Neither black nor white, red or green. Fiction comes in all shades, and all sizes. No one writes for everyone. But everyone writes for someone.
sa andrews fiction, gritty, noir, pulp, crime, mystery, murder, romance,

Some live on the backside of life.

crime fiction, love gone murder, hunter b. phillips, murder, mystery, romance, pulp, noir

Love Gone Murder & Hunter B. Phillips

From Humor to Noir and in between slice of life, romance, and crime. SA Andrews's formula continues as "anything goes." An intriguing title is not enough. The solution may not always be obvious. Pick a topic and explore the words, thoughts and unusual outlook on the world. 
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Crime Fiction Novella 
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Ten years ago, a few weeks ago and this week -- The Alley. 
The last three bodies found in the vicinity of his office. Homicide sorts the people out, a few thrive,  less survive and the rest run. It's hard to say a person can thrive on another's death. Let me rephrase that. Some seem born to chase the evil in our society. Hunter's never been able to shake the feelings of a murder scene. Here he is a Private Eye working for one of the wealthiest men in the city. His goal to catch the killer of his daughter. Evidence points to the recent serial killer. Hunter B. Phillips doesn't even buy into the easy solution. He wants the truth. Rudolph Anson, a hired snoop and Gina, his latest red-head team up to solve the mystery. But, they’re on the clock. 
approx. 24,000 words
Detective - Crime - Murder - Noir
Are they Real? Are they here? If they are here.  
Those F-N Aliens
An ex-military man, an insurance woman, a foreman for electrical crews and his pregnant housewife confront a world in which aliens make an appearance. What does it mean? Is humanity doomed? Scream fire in a crowded theater or bunker in. Will it make a difference?
Caden’s network of ex-military communications guys track UAPs, balloons, possible humanoids while wormholes or portals have become visible to the public. Is a superior species exposing themselves to announce a take over of the planet. Or do they already rule?
Sci-Fi - Humor - Romance -  Conspiracy - Extraterrestrial
approx. 36,000 words
In Adelphi loneliness leads to boredom which sends Mrs. Wanda Stanton into the arms of a younger man. That excuse aside, marriage does not fit Wanda’s emotional makeup while Stan’s sudden lack of work pushes things to an icy edge. His life heads downward, anger drives him to seek relief. Will Wanda survive? Will her marriage survive? Will Stan survive. How does a boyfriend fit into the conclusion?​​​​​​​
Crime Fiction - Romance - Mystery 
approx. 9,000 words
Every young man’s fantasy -  A dream girl times two
Two blondes, a high school senior, a jealous ex-girl friend and a graveyard -- The elements. Pit your imagination against a tale recounted from a witness to those events in this Americana small town story.  
approx. 2,020 words
Teen Americana - Humor - Old Stories - Martians - Twins - 60s - Coming of Age
In Poodle Stew, an eccentric private eye chases any job to pay the rent and catches a suburban whopper. A few days later Hunter’s long-term struggle with death kick starts when he stumbles on a  crime scene behind his new office. His former partner, Homicide Detective Lattish, investigates the death of a young woman slain in a blind alley. Someone cut her open, but for what reason? Another serial killing? Lattish can’t find the link. 
approx. 4,300 Words
Homicide - Private Investigation - Dark Humor - Detective
In the New Mexico desert on a road to Mt. Capulin Volcano, a service station's home to an assorted group just getting by. 
Under the Pegasus - Living for Tomorrow
Capulin Service lies just a few miles from the volcanic cone which provides guidance for travelers headed west. Or, maybe to the volcano for a visit. Maybe  to the mesa for a spectacular view of the land dotted with very old cones, or to Raton a western town nestled next to the Sangre de Christo Mountains. The collection of individuals passing through the doors of the station and Capulin Cafe vary in social status and heritage, but the common link lies with their desire for “better.”
Some carry scars of the past, others dream of their lifetime in a better place. While they wait for fate to extract them from the gerbil wheel; their lives unfold in typical fashion for an outpost in the New Mexico desert.
Narrated by one with nothing to gain, and no place to go, Under the Pegasus shares the needs of everyday people trapped in the cycle of routine
Rural - Americana - 70s - Romance - Slice of Life ​​​​​​​
approx. 47,000 words
#2 in the LGM Series 
murder, mystery, noir, love gone murder series
From Adelphi to Even, the dive into mystery deepens. Distinct characters thus different outcomes. Mixed in a cauldron of infidelity and deceit, raw, raunchy. Even nasty, The Cockney challenges your sense of decency. Framing it as Noir may be an insult to the genre. In this writer’s presentation an off track ride through ugly; there’s cause to ponder our true nature.
Meet Perry B. Maxwell, assistant comptroller for Panhandle Oil Company. Similar to Stan the Man, Perry meets a young heiress, this time on holiday in Mallorca, Spain. After a drug and alcohol fueled sex-a-thon they marry and produce a child. The Universe has kept things on the same path, except our male characters live two different lives, hence two outcomes. Perry Maxwell takes his sorrow to a gritty urban bar where people congregate for casual sex. Unlike the normal patron, Perry’s path does not allow him the comfort of one-night stands. Perry’s hate drives his angry soul. Retribution shall be his.
Crime Fiction - Murder - Noir
approx. 8,400 words
Murder - Mystery -Romance - Noir - Detective
A series of crimes send Metro Detective Hinkley into the seedy mid-town bar investigating a murder. The cheater’s paradise housed in a worn down space with putrid bathrooms and edgy characters. When the detective thinks he’s finally through with The Cockney, another case requires him to search among the adultery fest.
On his plate now, clues to a bloody shootout at a drug house escaped him when ‘Narco’ Dodge declared the only living witness an informant.  Hinkley’s only lead, a dog tattoo on her hand.
When the Homicide Captain assigns Duncan’s partner Finn Sullivan the case of a young woman’s body dumped on the fringes of the city; guys in the backroom know something's fishy. The ‘It’ girl assuages some his resentment and provides a distraction between cases.  Everything accelerates and he’s on the scent of a new bone as he becomes the lead in the brutal murder.
Murder - Mystery -Romance - Noir - Detective
approx. 67.000 words
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Suspended in a dying world
Bonnie gives it another shot at the market. Time's running out for Frank.
sci-fi - post apocalyptic - romance - dystopia
approx. 3,500 words
Need a chuckle? 
Looking for the absurd?
 Humor 4 Some is just that, not everyone's cup of tea. 
Justin & the Martians
Graveyard Frolics
Wino Piles 
Explore the inner workings of a Yuppie family who decide to adopt a non-traditional pet. 

Bull Down 
The exploration into the mind of a successful psychiatrist to the affluent. This day in history brings his most eccentric clients into the office. Meet Mrs. Tillman and her husband, who fears the worst is about to happen.
The Boy Who Wouldn't
Let's not give away the whole plot in this very short story. But, Johnathan Whiteside had everything. AND, he still wouldn't.
If you fancy a bit of different. Try body mods in dystopia, post-apocalyptic adventure, or just some horror and supernatural. 
Everyone needs a change of pace. "Hello, Masons!"
Humor family style, a Yuppie family living in mid-town where they adopt an unorthodox pet with unusual consequences
approx. 2,300 words
Americana - Family - Humor - Yuppies - 1980s - Pets 
One day they take you away to  your aunt’s house. They tell you this is your new home. You do not understand. You are a Prisoner of Light.
No horror can be greater than not understanding what happened to your parents, your home in the country, your grandmother. How do you cope?
Humor - Family - Abandonment
approx. 1,130 words
Three stories with common threads, a smelly bar, romantic involvements, and murders to solve. 
collection, love gone murder 1,2,3, adelphi, even, county line corpse, mystery, murder, detective, romance
Three stories with common threads, a smelly bar, romantic involvements, and murders to solve. 
Crime Fiction, Mystery, Murder, Romance, Noir
approx. 85,000 words
Murder - Mystery - Romance - Detective
Your chance to get Love Gone Murder Stories 1-2-3 
Fall 2023 
approx. 85,000 words
All Three Love Gone Murder stories in one buy... 
Starting with Stan and Wanda in Adelphi - Mysterious Man
Two disparate individuals abandon good sense for passion. (But, who wouldn’t in the moment?) Torrid does not adequately describe the pace at which the couple begins an ex-rated love affair. Pregnancy, the knock-out punch for many relationships leads Stan Stanton back to his mythical international accounting company, while heiress Wanda Atwater sits in A.A. halls waiting for the birth. How would the mid-40’s world traveler accept fatherhood? Would Wanda’s late 20s restless spirit become the happy homemaker mother? Detective Duncan Hinkley attempts to help Wanda after tragedy strikes.
Panhandle Oil executive Perry believes he hit the jackpot in Mallorca. A few years later, he's sitting in a ‘cheaters bar’ celebrating his victory. When did it change? Why? How? Perry Maxwell’s trapped by his desire for revenge. 
Story three places Metro Homicide Detective Duncan Hinkley into the action when he mets his dream girl and faces pushback from his corrupt police captain.  His passion to find killers continues to dominate his desires.  Does the biggest case of his career sidetrack him or can he keep two balls in the air? Twists and turns meet him in the search for happiness and the killer of a young woman, left on a  deserted county road.
 A corpse with no DNA traces or clues turns in to Hinkley's biggest case.
collection, love gone murder series 1,2 3, adelphi, even, county line corpse, mystery, murder, detective, romance, noir
Fall 2023
More fiction in the works.
Third in the Hunter B. Phillips Series
Hunter B. Phillips Series #3
Big City Revelations
The mayor is sleeping with a state representative's hot new wife. She is sleeping with the mayor’s eldest daughter who is a sorority sister from the private school they attended. Normally with those kinds of plots there’s a murder. Hunter wondered when.
Nothing that couldn’t wait. He decided to hit the slopes. No skiing, just admiring the beauties who spent summers in Vale. Two days in everything comes unwound with a phone call  from a Vail detective and a knock on his door that night. So much for time off.
Big City Coming Winter 2023
Beyond the Imagination
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