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Most of the titles fall into a genre. But writing is about people and their lives. 
Under the Pegasus - Living for Tomorrow
You little pecker head you got a lot of balls but I wasn't expecting it. The little sweetie here and I were doin’ some business.” The white shirt gestures toward the blonde in the front seat
"Bullshit, Sam, I gave you a chance to run. You don't have ….” The ex—quarterback stops. "You ain't worth the trouble.” He walks past me into the office to get the coin changer.
"Fill’er up, Ichabod.“
“I said filler up. Now get off you butt and put gas in my car.
Under the Pegasus - Living for Tomorrow
Not all families have story book lives, many unknown, unexpected events shape their existence. Near an extinct volcano life unfolds on a different path from most. There's joy, heartache, loss and love. And a journey to find the best of things in the end. Follow Ted, Billy, Redfeather, and Mona as seen through the eyes of former resident at Capulin Café
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Naked on a remote county road, the victim has no foreign DNA residue. The body wiped clean with a medical strength solution. A solitary clue, a young woman’s martyr pose puzzle detectives. Hinkley and Sullivan struggle with possible motives to her brutal rape with an object and a stubborn M.E.  No cause of death, sends them down a blind alley and to the “the donut guy.”  

An ex-military man, an insurance woman, a foreman for electrical crews and pregnant housewife confront a world in which aliens make an appearance. What does it mean? Is humanity doomed? Scream fire in a crowded theater or bunker in. Will it make a difference?
Caden’s network of ex-military communications guy track UAPs, balloons, possible humanoids while wormholes or portals may become a reality. Is a superior species exposing themselves to announce a take over of the planet. Or do they already rule?
Sci-Fi - Humor - Romance - Conspiracy
Hunter B’s Back -Alley Works
Young, Beautiful and everything to live for. She’s dead. At the hand of a serial killer. Hunter thinks not. Hired by the week, its find the killer or lose a bundle. Has the killer played his hand well? Or, was he sloppy?
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Love conquers all. -  BUT - Does it catch killers?
Number Three of the Hunter B Series
His Biggest Case Yet!
Winter  2023
​​​​​​​Post Apocalyptic
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